Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM)

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  • RI DEM Park Rangers can write non criminal citations (eg for littering and the like)
  • RI DEM Division of Law Enforcement Environmental Police do everything that MA Environmental Police do.
  • RI DEM Division of Forest Environment (DFE) provides Forest Fire Protection for State Land and State Beaches and assist town fire departments as needed.
  • RI DEM has 2 Forest Fire Stations: Arcadia State Forest (Hope Valley) and George Washington State Forest (Chepachet)
  • The State Legislature has not funded the maintenance and manning of the Forest Fire Towers since 2003.

RI DEM Frequencies

Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/ReConfirmations
RISCON T TG:120 DEM Environmental Police
151.3850 R 118.8 DEM Environmental Police Statewide OPS (Also have MDTs) 2020.05.24 W1KNE
151.1750 S CSQ DEM Parks & Recreation (State Beaches, Forests, etc.) Park Ranger and Staff OPS 2020.07.21 PFD1993
31.6200 CSQ Ch-1 DFE Forestry OPS
31.7400 CSQ Ch-2 DFE Forestry OPS
460.4500 R ? RI DEM unknown use in Greenwich