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Table of contents -

= One Equal=

One Equal

== Two Equals==

Two Equals

=='''Two Equals w Bold'''==

Two Equals w Bold

===Three Equals===

Three Equals

==='''Three Equals w Bold'''===

Three Equals w Bold

    • Makes BOLD in TOC only

====Four Equal====

Four Equals

<font size="-2">Font Size -2</font>

  • Font Size -2

<font size="+2">Font Size +2</font>

  • Font Size +2

<font size="+3">Font Size +3</font>

  • Font Size +3

<font size="+4">Font Size +4</font>

  • Font Size +4


(Table names are not caps specific, listed on top)

This is the SMALLER table
Smaller (Using Font-2)
This is a SMALLtable table
This is the SMALLMED Table
Small-Medium Table
This is the halftable table
This is a Mediumtable table
Medium (Should be used for FREQUENCIES on trunked pages)
This is a Largetable/Prettytable
Large/Pretty Table (They are the same.) (Should be used for most other items)

Table Of Contents (2020)

{{TOC}} Creates the new TOC.

Table Formatting.

  • !'''Column Headers'''
  • || splits columns
  • |- creates new row
  • | Non header row FIRST column only
  • |} closes table

TAG (HTML Anchors)

  • <div id="1">This creates a page target</div>
  • When you enter a page url, putting a "#" followed by the target name, you'll directly go to that section.


  • [[RISCON|Rhode Island's Trunk]]
  • Will appear like Rhode Island's Trunk. This is for WIKI links only. A single pipe is needed between the link and shortcut.
  • If you don't put a pipe and shortcut text, it'll appear as the link itself (i.e. RISCON)

  • [[RISCON#East_Providence|East Providence]]
  • Will make the link go directly to the target. (i.e. East Providence)

  • [ NECRAT]
  • Will appear like NECRAT. Note only a space is needed between the URL and shortcut.
  • Putting no shortcut but a link in brackets will appear like this. [1]. So always use a shortcut.