RIDS Metro Zone

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Rhode Island Statewide Communications Network (RISCON)

Providence Zone

  • RFSS: 01
  • SITE: 03
  • NAC: 190h

Trunk Frequencies

Trunk Frequency Table

  • 12 Frequency Zone
  • Confirmations are on the primary RISCON page.
Frequency Usage
851.0625 CWID
851.0875 Voice
851.6125 Voice
852.4250 Voice
852.6375 Voice
852.7000 Voice
853.0375 Voice
853.1500 Alt. Control Ch/Voice
853.2750 Alt. Control Ch/Voice
853.3750 Voice
853.5500 Voice
853.7125 Primary Control Ch

Trunk Sites

Trunk Sites Table

City Address FCC Callsign
Providence Brown University 201 Thayer St. WQPM830
Providence Providence College McVinney Hall WQPM830
Providence Providence Housing Auth. 335 Hartford Ave WQPM830
Providence Providence Public Safety Cmplx.325 Washington St. WQPM830
Providence RIPTA Office 265 Melrose St. WQPM830