Mid Air Refueling

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UPDATE JULY 2010 - Ed Langworthy (jetcrafter):

Added new AR track AR-82. Adding to more confusion in the Northeast, AR-82 is now showing in the AP-1b and on the SUA website. There seems to be no published frequencies for this route listed in the AP-1b so therefore I list it as None Published. Also note that AR-80 is now more aligned to the published coordinates instead of the last update where it was going into AR-616.

  • AR-80, 81, 82 are very similar. Here are their start and end points to clarify.

AR-80: YAHOO (ACK VOR 150/18) to YQI (Yarmouth VOR - Yarmouth, NS)

AR-81: KB63C (HTO VORTAC 180/35) to DAVES (YQI VOR 249/32)

AR-82: YQI (Yarmouth VOR - Yarmouth, NS) to YAHOO (ACK VOR 150/18) - (SW track)

NE AR Map JULY 2010.jpg

Northeast Mid Air Refueling Tracks

Frequency Type Tone Comments Confirmation Date
341.7500 S AM AR-20 PRIMARY 2013.06.24 N1BHH
349.7000 S AM AR-20 SECONDARY
373.6000 S AM AR-80/81 PRIMARY
343.5000 S AM AR-80/81 SECONDARY
324.6000 S AM AR-204 PRIMARY 2012.07.11
327.6000 S AM AR-205 PRIMARY
348.9000 S AM AR-206 HIGH PRIMARY
235.1000 S AM AR-206 LOW PRIMARY
238.9000 S AM AR-212 NE PRIMARY 2012.07.11
238.9000 S AM AR-212 SW PRIMARY
343.5000 S AM AR-608 PRIMARY
276.5000 S AM AR-609 PRIMARY
295.8000 S AM AR-631 PRIMARY 2021.05.01 Joekay1
283.9000 S AM AR-616 PRIMARY
228.0000 S AM AR-777 PRIMARY
315.9000 S AM AR-777 SECONDARY
282.7000 S AM AR SECONDARY 2012.07.13