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Welcome to the Scan New England Wiki!

The Scan New England Wiki is a user driven database based on information provided by you. Please help us continue to provide the most up to date and accurate information by sharing confirmed frequency and/or talkgroup information that's not already listed here. We also are looking for confirmations that older data in the Wiki is still accurate.

Please view this thread for information on submitting data to our wiki! Thank you for your contributions!



New England

The Scan New England Wiki is dedicated to the memory of Clyde Ramsdell, N1BHH. Long time editor and significant source of information for this wiki. Clyde passed in 2016, and will always be remembered for his valued input here.

Navigation Tips

  • Access Frequencies for your state by clicking on the state to the left.
  • Massachusetts is divided into geographic regions
  • Each New England state has its own portal
  • The search tool will also help tremendously. Remember frequencies must be entered out to the digit, and include all zeros.

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