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Hello, this is just a friendly reminder about our wiki so all the new users will learn and some seasoned ones will remember:

• The wiki is not open to anyone to edit. Only board editors may edit the wiki. Board editors are also part of our moderation team. At this time we are not looking for any new editors/moderators. If you attempt to create a wiki account, it may be created but you will only have read rights.

• The wiki is completely populated, edited and revised by unpaid volunteers who are hobbyists who also enjoy this hobby. As such, mistakes can happen, and long time delays in database entries. Note, especially in the summer when our volunteers are on vacation.

• We rely on not only own expertise in monitoring, but yours as well. As such, we're also all human and errors will occur. We try to be accurate and perfect, but mistakes may show up from time to time. Use the database submission forum to send us corrections

• If you want a frequency added, or updated, please use the database submission forum. Please make sure you are 100% confident in your confirmation. Otherwise, post it in the respective regional forum, and amongst our membership , we will hash it out.

• We do not necessarily delete frequencies. There is a fine line balance between an abandoned frequency and what may become. The wiki is not a museum, however. If you wish to have a frequency removed, please provide significant detail as to why. Primary police, fire , EMS and other primary channels will not be removed. Please note, your removal request will be discussed amongst the staff here. If you wish to anonymously have something deleted, send me a private message. Again, we will decide as a group, but I promise to keep your information to myself

• We still don't want covert, under cover, SWAT, media wireless microphones, and other protected stuff listed. See our TOS for those details.