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Scanner Master RH200 Remote Control Head Show at Hamvention

I was there and saw a quick demo. I think it was hooked up to either a SDS100 or SDS200 as it displayed that screen and he could press some buttons and go through the menus.
I'm leaning towards buying one if they get into production. Which I think they will. The way the SDS200 is mounted in my truck makes the screen hard to see if the sun is shining in from different directions. Not a fault with the scanner, but the angle the radio sits at.

The trick will be finding a place to mount it. I want to be able to take the head out and use it on my SDS100 either at home or if I'm in a rental vehicle for some reason.
Hi Guys,

Interest was huge in our pre-production prototype at Dayton. (By the way we've been going to the show for more than 20 years. We're at inside booth 3303 for anyone thinking about next year.) Don't want to be too commercial here but if it's OK with everyone will post any major updates on our development progress. We're incorporating some really great features into the remote head still including GPS. Hope to have production units for sale before year end. Finally, we may attend the Northeast HamXposition show in Marlboro in late August and if so we'll have the demo running there if anyone would like to see it. Rich Barnett.
Rich, will the GPS be an option or will all units come with it? I'm asking because I have Uniden GPS for my SDS200. I think that it's a great option for a handheld, but I don't know that I'd replace my Uniden GPS with the one built into the RH200.