Scanner Junkies Weekly Net


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Just a reminder that there is a weekly scanner-hobby oriented net every Thursday at 8PM Eastern Time on talkgroup 1033 on the TGIF DMR Network. Additionally it is possible to check into the net in these alternate manners:

Hamshack Hotline: Ext. 94066
EchoLink: N4VKF-L
Allstar: Node# 528620

They have been kind enough to mention our talkgroup (26480 on TGIF) so it would be nice if some of our folks could check into the net. I'll be there tonight. I've got a little bit of a different approach to DMR after the disaster of a few weeks ago pretty much ruined the net. Hoping in addition to using Zello so everyone has a chance to chat, those of us that are hams can resume that net eventually.

For now, if you can check into the Scanner Junkies net, please consider doing so.