Maintenance - Trash Removal
Staff member
First off, again many thanks to those of you that contribute data. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, as are the efforts of the Wiki team that keep things running and up to date.

Regarding reconfirmations, we want to scale back the timeframe for doing so. Let's face it, most stuff doesn't change regularly, and when it does, we receive the notification of the change from you folks or we find it ourselves. What I'd like to do is minimize reconfirmations to at the very least a 1 year period.

If you have data you wish to reconfirm, please take a look at the prior confirmation and/or reconfirmation date. If it's more than a year out, that's fine. If it's less, no need to do so. Of course our Wiki editors are free to do a "drive by" reconfirmation of stuff they are familiar with if they're in a Wiki page and editing. No harm there.

Again many thanks to everyone.