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OneVoice conversion to DMR TIII Thread


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OneVoice, the Goosetown radio networks, are converting to DMR TIII with the end of Connect Plus. We have several OneVoice sites in New England.

One of which is possibly alive in Connecticut.

This will be the official thread to track the changes and updates to the networks.
Using DSDPlus:
L6-14.1 - Farmington CT using CC 695=454.3250
Only voice channel seen & heard has been on Ch 696 (control channel freq second slot)
15.1 - Ch 2907, reported on RR to be Valhalla NY, 472.5000
17.3 - Ch 3869, reported on RR to be 478.5125

Programmed into Uniden:
NET 5, Site 104
CC 348

Using what I have and the known freqs from the RR thread and doing some rough calculations, anything appx Ch 640 to 800 should be 454 MHz, any above Ch 2500 is T-Band
Abington has been Control only for the week, not a TG of activity, but still shows 1, 2, 6 and 11 as neighbors
W1KNE said:
As of this post, there are only four sites running DMR TIII.
The only one in New England is the one CG has.
It appears I have a TIII OneVoice CC running here on the cape, on 463.9375.

It is showing in DSD+ FL as TIIIStd [Auto] Site:H4-20.2 DCC:8 , I haven't tried it with one of the SDS200's yet. This doesn't quite fall in line with the information on the linked page in Post #7 but given the "immense" signal strength I expect it is OneVoice as there's no other trunked DMR activity on the cape in the UHF band that I'm aware of.

Interesting and apparently recent development; I'll add it to the Wiki and keep my eye on it...literally!
If you're monitoring the existing OneVoice system in Barnstable (or wherever) you'll have to program the new TIII system(s) once it/they are up and running. Right now it's just a control channel; nothing else has happened yet. I'd expect that all of the sites that neighbor one another at the very least would have to be up and running before any migration could be made as many of the users roam between tower sites.

Right now it's a wait and see what happens. This is also occurring with the Industrial Communications (ICE) 900 MHz systems, but the closest TIII activity to us on the cape thus far has been the Bourne site. To clarify, OneVoice and ICE are two completely separate systems.
This may be well known, but having a very major learning curve with current/existing DMR systems...will this TIII work on Whistler TRX series?
This may be well known, but having a very major learning curve with current/existing DMR systems...will this TIII work on Whistler TRX series?
Well, none of the capable Whistler scanners truly trunk-track DMR or NXDN systems. I would expect, but surely can't confirm, that it would "work" in a similar manner to how it does with Con+ and Cap+ systems.
Scott, in DSDPlus, you can force the TIII Std to TIIInonStd by populating the files as such.
That Cape Cod site is now showing up as a Neighbor to Site H3-101 (Rattlesnake Mtn, Farmington CT)
TIIInonStd, H3, 153, "Cape Cod"
TIIInonStd, H3, 153, 2233, 463.9375, 0.0, 0

If you see 101 or 151 as a neighbor, you can enter the info for those sites so the Neighbors populate as much as it can.
TIIInonStd, H3, 101, "Rattlesnake Mtn, Farmington"
TIIInonStd, H3, 151, "Mt Tom, Holyoke"
TIIInonStd, H3, 101, 2439, 454.23125, 0.0, 0
TIIInonStd, H3, 151, 397, 452.4625, 0.0, 0
The site I had previously posted in this thread as Farmington, Site 104, is in Bloomfield at the Goosetown building. It was the first one seen in this area. It shut off for quite a few months but is now active again. It also has no neighbors which also makes me think it is temp.
I suspect this is for staging/testing equipment and may indicate that a new TIII site will be coming online here soon. Glastonbury is the last local Con+ site that does not have a TIII site running yet. That or Stonington are the other CT sites w/ no TIII.