A note about submissions


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Hi There!

Thank you for the submission. Please note, that submissions may take up to two weeks to be processed. It's just a very small group of us who do the tickets here, and we have to enter everything in by hand. So thank you in advance for your patience while things do get added to the wiki. Also along with processing your submissions, we're constantly making changes to improve and streamline the wiki in the background, so at any given time there is a lot of work going on "behind the scenes". So anything you can do to help us, by providing as much information, especially "county information" where the specific submission lives, would be great!

I have another request too. If you have a very large entry, please try to keep the formatting identical to what we do. I can copy and paste via excel a large entry into a table, if the formatting is the same. Otherwise, it will require a lot of "retyping" and thus we won't process the submission.

Thank you for your understanding.